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Simply the best – Antenatal Education Classes

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

No doubt you are excited about being parents and want to be completely prepared for your transition into parenthood. However, the baby is due in a few months and you are still working! The thought of dragging yourself and your partner out at the end of a long, tiring day to attend the local antenatal classes is not appealing. This is where Mama 2b can help you.

I have designed a variety of excellent classes, which you can choose to take privately either at home, in a luxurious venue (babymooning) or on a small group basis. HypnoBirthing courses are also available for those couples that would like to explore more natural options for childbirth. Qualified midwives experienced in teaching antenatal classes and HypnoBirthing courses facilitate our classes. All teachers are parents, and some are even grandparents!

Choose from the following classes:

Antenatal intensive – 4 hrs

An intensive course which covers all the key aspects of pregnancy, labour preparation, childbirth and the early days after birth.

Topics include:

  • Physiology and preparation for labour
  • Natural and chemical pain relief for labour
  • Active labour and birth
  • Skin to skin bonding
  • Early days after delivery
  • Feeding for your baby

Pick and mix – 6 hrs

Topics include those listed from the intensive course but also allow you to pick and mix from our varied selection of topics to tailor make your own personal needs and preferences.

Topics include:

  • Breathing and visualization techniques for labour and birth
  • Optimal fetal positioning
  • Positions for active labour
  • Massage techniques for pregnancy and labour
  • Acupressure points to use for labour
  • Sleep management

Simply the best – 8 hrs

The crème de la crème of antenatal classes which includes more in depth information about physical and emotional preparation for labour, birth and the early days of parenting. A list of topics is available for parents to choose to make this class unique and tailor made for individual requirements. This course can also be divided into two half-day sessions if preferred.

Natural childbirth class – 4 hrs

  • Physical and mental preparation for natural childbirth using a combination of breathing, relaxation and visualizations
  • The effects of fear on the physiology of labour
  • Positions for active labour
  • Nutritional requirements for mother and baby during labour
  • Natural coping strategies for managing pain during labour
  • Skin to skin contact, early bonding, and initiating early feeding after delivery

The best time to have your classes

The best time may vary for individuals, and our classes can be taken anytime from early pregnancy until late pregnancy. However, we would recommend enrolling on your class sometime between 25 and 35 weeks of pregnancy to get the most out of the information and techniques you learn with us. Included in your antenatal package are all books, class handouts, and a lovely gift of organic aromatherapy products.

Mama 2b also offers follow-up telephone support forany niggling questions or queries that you may have.

Babymooning weekends

Looking for some pampering, relaxation and some ‘time out’ with your partner before night feeds and sleep deprivation become a way of life? A pre-baby weekend break or vacation (babymooning) is the ideal solution. As an added bonus Mama 2b can incorporate antenatal classes designed specifically for you provided in the privacy and comfort of your hotel room

More than just a trend

Ok, what is babymooning you may ask? Babymooning is the hottest new trend to be imported from America. Babymoons are designed for optimum pampering and relaxation, in various luxury locations throughout the country. For those parents too busy to find your ideal place, you can leave the organisation of your trip to the experts at Mama 2b. We can arrange your whole package for you including booking your hotel and your bespoke antenatal class.

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