Natural Fertility Therapy and Workshops

Over the last twenty years more couples have had problems conceiving.

There may be many physical, social and emotional factors, which can contribute to this. Many couples may need help to achieve their dream of a family with assisted conception. However, about 30% of fertility problems are unexplained, which means there is no known physical reason for their infertility. My vision is to help more couples achieve their desire to have a family.

Drawing on many years experience

I have drawn on my extensive knowledge from years of training and clinical experience in nursing and midwifery to use in conjunction with highly effective complementary approaches to help enhance natural fertility and help improve outcomes for assisted conception. Research has shown that outcomes for assisted conception improve significantly with hypnotherapy.


My workshops and therapy sessions show you natural ways to enhance your potential for natural and assisted conception.

Come to a better understanding of your fertile body through nutritional awareness, stress relief, lifestyle adaptation, complementary therapies, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), hypnotherapy and powerful visualization techniques.

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